Step-By-Step Guide for Making Your Event and / or Meeting Successful


  • Determine the purpose of the event and/or meeting
  • Find out the size of the group
  • Decide the date of your event and/or meeting. Is this date flexible? Determining the date in advance is important to secure the date and time
  • Plan entertainment and other needs
  • Design a timeline to construct invitations and/or event promotion.
  • Schedule speakers, if needed and/or required.


  • Determine what your personal budget is for the event and/or meeting. This needs to be done before any planning of meals.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Michigan State sales tax, delivery charges or special event charges are additional to all food and beverage prices quoted. There may also be additional charges for events requiring complex set-up, delivery, and/or service so be sure to include an extra amount of money in your budget for these potential charges.
  • If you are unsure about how much your budget should be, feel free to check budgets from similar meetings or events to measure costs.

Inspecting the Site

  • In order to get a sense of service and what our facilities look like, it would be beneficial, if your budget allows, to visit our facilities. Every facility, no matter where it may be, will always look different in person than it does in pictures or on paper. Please feel free to arrange a time to have one of our staff members give you a tour.


  • Once you feel comfortable with out facilities, please call us to make a reservation.
  • For wedding receptions and class reunions, Conference and Catering Services require a $250 deposit at least 14 days after the reservation has been made.

Planning the Meals

  • Please allow enough time for guests to eat in a relaxed mode as well as the ability to socialize with coworkers, colleagues, friends and family.
  • Anywhere from 30-40 minutes would be acceptable for breakfast, 45-60 minutes for lunch, and 20 minutes for each course for dinner.
  • Buffets work well for small group working sessions because they offer more variety and provide faster service.
  • In order to assure availability, we request that you select your menu three to four weeks prior to your event.

Meeting Room Layouts and Capacity Levels

  • On the Venue tab on our website, we offer a capacity chart of each of our rooms. We also have provided pictures of different room layouts that our customers can choose from.

Audio/Visual Planning

  • Planning for Audio/Visual equipment can be somewhat difficult. Certain factors such as walls, floors, ceiling height, windows, lighting, mirrors, doors, air conditioning, and others can affect the quality and cost of an AV presentation. A possible walk through with NMU's AV Services could be helpful or whatever company you choose for Audio/Visual services.
Simply Superior Catering & Events -Planning

Planning a special event can be confusing and incredibly stressful at times. We at Simply Superior are here to guide you through your entire event planning process. We have provided a list of steps to follow to make planning easier.