What are my meal plan options?

All students living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan, which allows them to eat at either the Wildcat Den or the Marketplace. All freshmen are required to have a Constant Meal Plan which allows for unlimited meal swipes. After their freshmen year, students can remain on a Constant Meal Plan or choose the Silver 14 or Basic 10 Meal Plan.

Where do I buy or change a Meal Plan?

Meal plans can be changed prior to the beginning of the semester with the Housing Office (227-2620). After the semester begins, changes to meal plans may be made for the first two weeks of the semester at the Wildcat Express Office, located on the first floor of the University Center.

Do I have to have a meal plan while living on campus?

For 2015-2016, Northern Michigan University requires those students living (Gant, Halverson, Hunt, Magers, Meyland, Payne, Spalding, Spooner, Van Antwerp, and West residence halls), to be on one of the meal plans: Platinum or Gold Constant, Silver 14 (14 meals per week,) or Basic 10 (10 meals per week.) Freshmen students must participate in the Platinum or Gold Constant meal plan. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may select the Platinum or Gold Constant plan or one of the other meal plans. Spooner Hall residents may also choose the Spooner Hall meal plan.

If you have questions please contact NMU Dining’s Registered Dietician, Brett Peterson at 906-227-6624 or email DiningRD@nmu.edu.

If you have further questions about your Room and Board Contract please contact Housing and Residence Life at housing@nmu.edu or call 906-227-2620.

For meal plan details and rates visit the Wildcat Express Center.

Students living in the on campus apartments are not required to have any meal plan but if they would like one they can choose from all the residential meal plans and the Commuter meal plans that we offer. More information is available on the Wildcat Express Center page.

Who can I talk to about my diet and food choices at dining locations?

NMU has a registered dietitian to serve the student population on campus. They would be happy to talk to you about any dining questions you may have and can be reached at DiningRD@nmu.edu

Who can I talk to about the food options available at my dining locations and my food quality?

NMU Dining has registered dietitian, Brett Peterson on staff to serve the student population on campus. He would be happy to talk to you about any dining questions you may have. Visit his webpage HERE, DiningRD@nmu.edu or call: 906-227-6624 to set up a free consultation.

How does an all you care to eat meal plan work?

To enter the dining facility, your card is swiped and you have a reasonable amount of time to eat all that you would like to. If you leave the dining location, you must swipe your card again to eat.

How do I add CatCa$h to my Wildcat Express Card?

CatCa$h can be added by cash, check or credit card in the Wildcat Express Center, at nmu.managemyid.com or at the LRC through the Value Port cash machine. The Wildcat Express Center is located on the first floor of the University Center. Their phone number is 227-1686. They are open 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

How is CatCa$h different from Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars and CatCa$h function in a similar way but have some important differences. CatCa$h must be added by students to their ID card. Dining Dollars expires at the end of the winter semester while CatCa$h never expires. Both are accepted at the following locations: Fieras, Cat Trax Convenience Store, the Marketplace, the Wildcat Den, Starbucks, Café Libri, Smoothie King, Temaki & Tea and Melted. Additionally, CatCa$h can be used at the NMU Bookstore and Learning Resources Center.

How do I get/use a guest pass for a visitor?

The guest passes are also on your Card. When entering or paying for your meal, tell the Dining Services employee that you would like to use a guest pass for your visitor’s meal.

What should I do if I lose my Wildcat Express Card or if it stops working?

It is very important to immediately notify the Wildcat Express office or log on to https://nmu.managemyid.com if your card is lost or stolen. If your Wildcat Express card was linked to your Wells Fargo checking account, you should also notify your Wells Fargo banker if your card becomes lost or stolen. Your Wildcat Express card can be replaced for a fee at the Express Center located on the first floor of the University Center.

How does my Wildcat EXPRESS Card work as an ATM/PIN-debit card?

When your NMU Wildcat EXPRESS Card is linked to a Wells Fargo checking account, you can use it to make PIN-debit purchases using your Personal Identification Number and for free access to cash at Wells Fargo ATMs nationwide. All ATM and/or PIN-debit transactions using your NMU Wildcat EXPRESS Card are deducted from your primary linked Wells Fargo checking account.

Where can I open a new Wells Fargo College Checking account and link my Wildcat EXPRESS Card?

Visit any Wells Fargo banking location including those located nearest to campus (shown below). Wells Fargo bankers will also be on campus during peak times throughout the school year.

  • 1106 University Center | 906.226.0006
  • 101 West Washington Street | 906.228.1425
  • 1300 North Third Street | 906.228.1270
  • 2025 US Hwy 41 West | 906.228.1323

What do I need to bring to open a checking account at Wells Fargo?

You will need two valid forms of identification:

  • Government-issued identification card from the federal, state, tribal, local, or foreign government. Examples include: Driver’s license, state-issued ID card, passport, and military ID.
  • Second identification from the above list, or a recognized business, educational institution, or government agency. Examples include: Student ID card, Social Security card, Resident Alien card, and Matricula Consular card.

What if I already have an existing Wells Fargo checking account?

You can LINK your new NMU Wildcat EXPRESS Card to your existing Wells Fargo checking account by visiting any Wells Fargo banking location in Marquette.

Is the linked Wildcat EXPRESS Card also a credit card?

No. It is not a credit card. When you use your linked Wildcat EXPRESS Card to get cash or make purchases, funds are automatically deducted from your primary linked checking account.

What should I do if my Wildcat EXPRESS Card is lost or stolen?

You need to immediately notify BOTH NMU and Wells Fargo for a Wildcat EXPRESS Card that is linked to a Wells Fargo checking account. Wildcat EXPRESS Card holders without the banking option need only notify NMU.

  1. To notify NMU: Please call (906) 227-1686 or visit the Wildcat EXPRESS Office located at 1227 University Center.
  2. To notify Wells Fargo: Visit your nearest Wells Fargo banking location or contact Wells Fargo Phone Bank 24/7 at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).


The nice people at The Wildcat Express Center will help you with a lot of important dining related issues.
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