With the implementation of several sustainability programs, PepsiCo has moved to the forefront of sustainable consumer product companies. Their sustainable solutions include biodegradable cups and extensive recycling efforts.

Frito-Lay North America has taken steps to minimize their food and product waste. The company recovers starch, a by-product of slicing potatoes, and sells it for paper-making, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing and other uses.

Thills’ Fish House
Since 1961, Thill’s Fish House in Marquette has provided quality Great Lakes fish to the residents and restaurants of Marquette. Though they offer several species, whitefish is the primary sale for the family operated fishery.

Marquette Food Co-op
A member owned food store, the Marquette Food Co-op is dedicated to offering natural and organic products to local residents. The Co-op is committed to supporting local farmers, growers and artisans and has established several strong local food networks.

Jilbert Dairy
Since 1931, Jilbert Dairy has been providing the entire Upper Peninsula and parts of northern Wisconsin with their quality dairy products. To the satisfaction of their customers, Jilbert Dairy has never treated their cows with the milk increasing drug rBST.

Tadych’s Econo Foods
With six locations spreading across Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula, Econo Foods is one of the primary grocery stores in the area. Econo Foods consists of many thoroughly stocked departments including a bakery and an expansive produce section.

Vollwerth & Co
A sausage business founded by German immigrant Richard Vollwerth in 1915, Vollwerth & Co is located in Hancocok, MI in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Vollwerth’s is known throughout the Upper Peninsula for offering a number of appetizing sausages.

Valley Bakers
Based in Greenville, Wis., Valley Bakers Cooperative Association provides bakery and foodservice companies in the Western Great Lakes area with high quality baking related products. Valley Bakers works to reduce ingredient costs and waste through volume purchasing and efficient distribution.