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Temaki is a stand-alone, quick-service restaurant on NMU’s campus that serves Asian style cuisine.

Located on 1422 Presque Isle Ave, Temaki has counter ordering with food brought to your table. Visit the menu to see what Temaki has to offer. All dishes are made to order.

Open to students and the public alike, Temaki is dedicated to creating a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere devoted to serving the finest quality food and beverages with continued commitment to using ingredients that respect human rights and the environment, while providing quality service to our customers.

In 2007, Temaki received a silver award from the National Association of College and University Food Services for best stand-alone, single-concept retail outlet.

Accepted forms of payment are Dining Dollars, CatCash, cash, check, and credit/debit cards.


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 11:00AM-8:00PM
Saturday Noon-8:00PM
Sunday Noon-7:00PM



Call us 906-227-6633

How to get here