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Stone Creek Coffee Lounge embraces the business philosophy and goal of Stone Creek Coffee. The goal is an endless pursuit to improve our product, to educate and to provide an exceptional experience to our customers.

To help fulfill this goal Stone Creek Coffee has developed four-steps to creating a cup of Stone Creek Coffee. These steps are:

GROW Responsibly – Our approach to sourcing green coffee is to work with growers to produce a high quality coffee that can be certified as socially responsible.

ROAST to Perfection – Roasting is an art and a science. By finding the intersection between the two, we have been able to develop detailed profiles for each of our coffees. Our attention to detail results in a signature roasting style and creates the unique flavors found in every cup of Stone Creek Coffee.

BREW Expertly – Your barista will exercise meticulous care when masterfully crafting a balanced espresso or coffee beverage experience.

SIP Slowly – The culmination of a journey from far away fields to your cup is the moment when you finally get to smell and taste all of the extraordinary aromas and flavors contained within the coffee. From seed to cup, Stone Creek Coffee is guided by many hands…now your hands get to grasp that cup as it is enjoyed. SIP Slowly.

NMU Dining invites you to visit Stone Creek Coffee Lounge located in room 205 Jamrich Hall and enjoy a cup of coffee from this Midwest roaster in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



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May 1 8:00am-4:30pm
May 2 Closed


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