Residential Meal Plans

NMU Dining is excited to be your dining room as you live on campus. We can ensure guest satisfaction by providing delicious and well-balanced meals through exceptional guest service. To meet the needs of all students we have a registered dietitian on campus.
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Residential Meal Plans and Rates +

All students living in residence halls are required to participate in one of the following meal plans. Freshmen are required to be on the Platinum or Gold Constant Plan. Each plan includes Dining Dollars to purchase snacks and guest passes for others to use. To purchase your meal plan visit the Wildcat Express Center.

Meal Plan Details +

Are students living in the residence halls required to purchase a meal plan?
Yes. Students who are sophomore rank and above can choose from any of the residence hall meal plans. All freshman students assigned to any residence hall, except Spooner Hall, will be required to be on the Platinum or Gold meal plan.

Where can I eat on campus with my meal plan?
Students possessing a meal plan have the ability to eat at Northern Lights Dining or the Wildcat Den.

Can I share my ID with another student
Students are not permitted to share their meal plan with anyone; lending another student their student I.D. can be cause for disciplinary action.

When does my meal plan start and end?

When is the last day I can change my meal plan?
You must change your meal plan by the following dates for each semester:

Fall Semester: Change by September 7th
Winter Semester: Change by January 25th

Dining Dollars +

When do Dining Dollars expire?
Dining Dollars are transferable from fall to winter semesters. However, students leaving at the end of fall
semester will not be able to refund any balance.

Where are Dining Dollars accepted?
Dining Dollars are accepted at all of the NMU Dining locations. These include: Fieras, CatTrax, Northern Lights Dining,
The Wildcat Den, Starbucks, Wildcat Café, Smoothie King, Temaki, Melted and Sundre.

Dining Dollars come with all Residential Meal Plans allowing students to purchase meals with their balance at any of the NMU dining locations. They are transferable from Fall to Winter Semester, but expire at the end of winter semester. Any remaining amount is non-refundable.
Dining Dollars are acquired with residence hall meals plans, are accepted at all NMU dining locations, and expire at the end of winter semester

CatCa$h +

CATCA$H is a program that allows students to use their Wildcat Express Student ID Card for certain student transactions. It is an accepted form of payment at all NMU dining locations and the library, and CatCa$h never expires. Students may add CATCA$H to their Student ID Card in four different ways. Visit FAQ to find out how.
Cat Cash is acquired through purchasing a DINE NMU plan, by visiting the wildcat express center, LRC Circulation desk, LRC valueport machine, or Cat Cash is accepted at all NMU Dining Locations and the NMU Library, and do not expire.

NMU Dining locations that accept CATCA$H are:
Fieras, CatTrax, Starbucks, Wildcat Café, Smoothie King, Temaki, Melted, Sundre, Northern Lights Dining & The Wildcat Den