Mealplans & ID Cards

A meal plan is a passport into any of our dining halls on campus. One swipe provides access to a pleasurable dining experience that encourages a balanced lifestyle, culinary exploration, and community interaction. There are several plans to choose from that are designed to meet the needs of all our Wildcat students, faculty, staff, and visitors. NMU Dining invites you to create new memories as you explore new culinary horizons. To purchase a meal plan please visit the Wildcat Express Center. No cooking or cleaning required. Enjoy!

Dining Dollars +

When do Dining Dollars expire?
Dining Dollars are transferable from fall to winter semesters. However, students leaving at the end of fall
semester will not be able to refund any balance.

Where are Dining Dollars accepted?
Dining Dollars are accepted at all of the NMU Dining locations. These include: Fieras, CatTrax, Northern Lights Dining, The Wildcat Den, Starbucks, Smoothie King, Temaki, Melted and Sundre.

Dining Dollars come with all Residential Meal Plans allowing students to purchase meals with their balance at any of the NMU dining locations. They are transferable from Fall to Winter Semester, with an active Residential Meal Plan, but expire at the end of winter semester. Any remaining amount is non-refundable.

CatCa$h +

CATCA$H is a program that allows students to use their Wildcat Express Student ID Card for certain student transactions. It is an accepted form of payment at all NMU dining locations and the library, and CatCa$h never expires.  It is refundable if you are graduating or leaving the University permanently and you must have $15 or more to be refunded.  Students may add CATCA$H to their Student ID Card in four different ways. Visit FAQ to find out how.