Wildcat Express Center


The Wildcat Express Center is located at the University Center in room 1227.

Visit the Wildcat Express Center to…

Manage your NMU ID (Wildcat Express Card)
Get answers to your residence hall meal plan questions
Purchase Campus Cuisine meal plans
Add money to CatCa$h

The Wildcat Express Card

Use the Wildcat Express Card for:

    • Dining Dollars
    • Meal Plans
    • CatCa$h
    • Time & Attendance
    • PEIF
    • Athletic Events
    • Copying & printing in the Olson Library
    • Checking out books or materials in the Olson Library
    • ATM / PIN-debit transactions when linked to your Wells Fargo checking account

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.


Managing your ID card


  • Always carry it with you
  • Keep it protected
  • Call immediately if it is lost/stolen
  • Bring damaged cards to Wildcat Express Center


  • Punch holes in it
  • Apply stickers
  • Keep it in your pocket
  • Lend it to others
  • Commingle it with other cards and keys
  • Throw it away

Lost or Stolen Wildcat Express Cards

It is very important to immediately notify the Wildcat Express Office or log on to nmu.managemyid.com if your card is lost or stolen. If your Wildcat Express card was linked to your Wells Fargo checking account, you should also notify your Wells Fargo banker if your card becomes lost or stolen. You may obtain a replacement Wildcat Express Card at the office. The replacement fee is $15.


Contact the Wildcat Express Office during business hours to replace the card.


Contact the Wildcat Express Office during business hours to report your card lost/stolen to ensure any door access or meal plan associated with your ID card is secured.

What is CatCa$h?

CatCa$h is a stored value account giving students, faculty, and staff the ability to pay for purchases with their Wildcat Express card. It works as a debit card allowing money to be pre-deposited onto the Wildcat Express card. There are no fees or other charges for opening or using a CatCa$h account. You can then use the card at various locations on campus. *CatCa$h is a volunteer program.

Where you can use CatCa$h:

Fieras, Cat Trax, Temaki & Tea, Smoothie King, Melted, Marketplace, Starbucks Coffee, Wildcat Den, vending, copy machines and Olson Library printers.

How to add money to your CatCa$h account:

Wildcat Express Office – Money can be added by cash, check, or credit card. The office is located in the University Center on the first floor near Wells Fargo Bank.

Manage my ID – Funds may be transferred to CatCa$h using the online function Manage My ID. It is available by visiting nmu.managemyid.com. Register your email and create a password to obtain access to your account on Manage My ID. You will be able to view your CatCa$h and Dining Dollar transactons/balances, report a lost card and deposit funds into your CatCa$h account. Guest deposits may also be made into your CatCa$h account by having your parents, grandparents, etc. select Guest Deposits from the left hand side of the website. They will need your NMU Identification Number (including the zeros).

Value Port – There is one located on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center near the circulation desk. You are able to add funds by depositing cash.

Banking Access


Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
Sat-Sun Closed


Email us wec@nmu.edu
Call us 906-227-1686

How to get here

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